Re: What does LTR mean?

Hi Bob,

	You can usually run a static gap NST with caps about 50% higher than what
the resonant value is.  With a carefully timed static gap you can go to
about twice the resonant value.  The LTR value given in MMCalc2 is the
maximum size cap you can run with a sync gap and all.  In may cases, you
will be running somewhat less.  It's a little hard to say what is the "just
right" value for a given coil.  I often suggest to just keep adding
capacitance until you get the best spark length.  A cap with many
selectable strings is prefect for that.



At 02:02 PM 05/02/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm planning on building on building an MMC Cap.  From the equations on the 
>net that I have seen say to match my Cap to my NST.  However when I use the 
>MMC2 program and I chose LTR.  It comes up with a diffrence capacitance then 
>I would if I use the standard cap calcs.   Almost twice the value in some 
>cases.   Does LTR stand for Larger the Resonant?  If so, Why would I want to 
>do this?
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