Re: Ignition coil abuse

Yup.  I'm using a 80'something ford ignition coil that is *still!*
kicking, even after a 7 minute run on the NST/MMC gangup!  That
thing is just unbelieveably tough...it got pretty warm, and it was
a failure of the plastic insulator of the HV out that stopped the
demonstration (plus the ozone...whoo!)...I got a carbon-track that
seems to be through the whole plastic nose of the thing...So
tonight I'll be gutting it and placing it in a 3" PVC tube /w some
oil to keep it safer and hopefully give me a longer power lead :)
Also gots to run a good RF ground through the window of my room so
I can work in the comfort of my AC'd room (computer off and
unplugged, of course!)   I tried the light-dimmer-cap setup, and it
definately is impressive, and the noise is great!:)  For anybody
just wanting to make a noisy spark that doesn't make the TV go
nuts, do that!  It's great :)  Anywho, I'm off to the garage /w the
can opener...time to see what that coil is made of inside :)

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>Subject: Ignition coil abuse
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>>    Hi all (again!) :))
>>Well, the rotary idea is simmering as I dig up info on converting
>>motor to sync operation.  Till I have the info, I'm content with
>>simple low-powered static gap on that 4kv30ma nst (love that
>>thing!)  Anywho, I got adventurous and set it up like I'm driving
>>normal TC primary, but instead substituted an old ignition coil I

>Hey Shad
>What kind of coil do you have? if ur looking for a coil that can
take the
>pounding and still live through it try an oil filled canister type
(ford). i
>dropped my coil in oil to prevent that arc from one terminal to
the other.
>It helps also to cool the coil. I had to go with motor oil since i
>have any HV oil layin around. I keep hearing constant bangs and
pops even
>inside the oil and the oil seems to jump around alot, so im
guessing that
>the oil is leaking. even with this leakage i got 6-8 arcs. I used
>sparkplug wires. They actually weaken the spark. The spark came
out red
>instead of the pure white i wanted. Im only using them for their
>As I increase the power on my unit somethin ends up leaking.
Either wires
>break out or the motor oil fails.
>check out the
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