Re: Kerosene?

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>>> I read somewhere that kerosene can be used to submerge a polyethylene /
>>> aluminum foil stacked plate capacitor. Is this true?
>> Oh dear god no!
> Why not?  It's thin, has good insulating properties, and isn't much
> more flammable than typical mineral oil.

It's a lot more flammable than the oil I'm using.  I just tried lighting a
sample of my NST-cleaning kerosene and of my laxative grade mineral oil, and
there's no contest. Light transformer oil must be more flammable than what
I'm using.

In any case, I don't see any reason to use kerosene, particularly in a
homemade cap where there is going to be some air enclosed.  If mineral oil
filled rolled poly caps can explode, I can't help but think that a kerosene
filled cap would only fail in a more dangerous way.