Re: NST and Bridge rectifier to stop res rise

Hi All,
          I have quite an interest in this as my current/under construction 
coil uses a 10kV DC 500ma psu with a diode between it and the tank to stop 
450J of reservoir capacitor from discharging itself every time the cap breaks 
down.  I know that Greg Leyh used some massive diodes in the Electrum to stop 
rf from getting back to the tank.  As I am about a month away from 'first 
light' (4.8kW rsg needs some work) I wondered if anyone who knows more about 
this has any ideas as I too have been troubled by the zero crossing problem 
and have merely hoped that standard rectifier diodes are too slow to be 
affected by the rf crossing.  I am also planning to put a resistor on the 
tank side of the diode string and a choke on the psu side to try to stop the 
charging current from becoming excessive.
I wonder if the choke and resistor are are enough to protect the capacitor 
without the diodes, as the diode string is becoming a major headache in the 
light of this thread.(The cap is an AC rated wago unit 10kV 9F)
I really wouldn't bother with the equalising resistors, I have recified many 
flybacks etc with huge diode strings and have never had a string fail.

Losing sleep in sunny reading
Nick Field