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>I hope you're prepared to re-work your spark gaps for a pig. I was reading
>the 95-96' list archives where Ed Sonderman had just got a pig and was
>having problems with the pig's current shorting out his (then) 7 gap static
>gap. I was following the discussion between him and Richard Quick on
>the gap and pig current limiting threads. I don't look forward to building
>a rotating spark gap, not because it's all that difficult, but because it's
>extremely involved and labor intensive.

BUT ...... this is the whole point (apart from regenerating the ozone 
layer).  You spend hours building the item, which is fun in itself, then 
you take great pride in the finished product.

Having just built a RSG, with which I was pretty pleased, I now discover I 
need to build a more robust version ......... darn :-(

This time I have gone for the 5/8" G10 imported from USA (bloody expensive 
way to buy it, but no-one knows what the heck it is down here !!!) and a 
3/4 HP motor from an old mainframe HDD unit (3650 rpm / 60 Hz)

Also, the 3/16" TIG electrodes I used are severely eroded after just 2 
preliminary runs ... really annoyed :-(

The stationary electrodes glowed orange !!


NOT TO MENTION ...... the nice LDPE caps I built, which survived so long 
with the small coil and NST supply died (over-heated and sprang a leak) at 
the higher bang frequency of the large coil.

Oh, how I would kill for a decent Maxwell cap !!!!!

Now ...... has this got me depressed ....... heck NO !     Just really 
inspired :^)




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