update on my first coil

hi agin well i took your advice and extened the primary with some old solid
coper electric pole grounding wire which was really bent up and covered in
cresode but i ended up geting it as close to a circle as possible and
connected it to the original primary. for a total of 13 turns the entire
thing is now as wide as it is tall considering the large imperfections in
the primary but i powered it all up and was astonished to get foot long very
puple streamers going off in all directions from the top of the coil i was
very pleased but like all good things they must come to an end so my plate
caps had to short internaly after the first two or so runs. but i got to the
messy job of taking it out of its mineral bath and removing the dead
polyethylene sections. i also tries putting my two caps in seris and the
sparks were looking more like waves of power than the spindly discharges
they had been before but not as long as before. just one more thing i wanted
to mention was that before the caps blew i had them in seris and there were
foot+ arcs coming out from the middle of the secondary proubably from
improper tuning at this voltage but the arcs were just as long when i used
the caps in paralel and then the arcs came from the top of the coil. well
thats it i am still looking for ways of inproving my current setup so please