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>Original Poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux-at-jpl.nasa.gov>
>Except that a thyratron really is a "latching" kind of tube (think of it as
>a SCR) as opposed to an amplifier (like a triode or tetrode).  I believe
>that Richard Hull did some stuff using thyratrons as a replacement for the
>spark gap though...

My limited knowledge tells me this means it "stays switched-on" once fired, 
until the forward current source disappears that is.

How would this work with our RF cap oscillations ?

Would the zero current crossing following the "bang" result in the "switch" 
going into the off state ??

Could you run a charging DC supply into it, then use a triggered pulse 
circuit for firing frequency ???

Any more thoughts from the EE types ........ when I say limited knowledge, 
I ain't kidding :-(




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