New Magnet Wire Available

I ran across a source of new 22ga magnet wire in 10 Lb spools
for $25.00 ea. The insulation is a nice red color.

10LB ~= 5,140 feet (about 0.2 cents/ft!)

(The Mouser price for new 8 LB (4000 ft) spools of 22GA magnet
wire is $59.60 ea.)

The wire is labeled:

Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire
6" spool, 10lb, UL rated
22.0 RA 17201 HNYLZ155
Dated: 6 2398

Wire Mfg web info at:

Or see the PDF file at:

A picture of the spool is in that same directory or here:

There are a dozen (or more) spools available at $25.00 each.
They are all in the original 6-spool shipping cartons.

There are also some larger spools of heavier (18ga) wire available
as well (50 lb? ... BIG).

If anyone is interested, these are all surplus and so could be
gone anytime (or might hang around for a while!).  The shipping
costs would need to be added to the price, but I'll be happy to do
the leg work.

Just use the UPS estimate from my ZIP 95123 to your ZIP code.
Email me directly with your requests.

(I'm tired of looking at all that aluminum wire discussion!).

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