Re: Aluminum magnet wire? and Circular # 74

I have a copy of it as well.  The problem is that the print quality is
somewhat low, so I'm not sure how well it would scan.  In theory, we could
scan it and turn it into a pdf file.  I've got web space to put it, if

I will scrounge around at work and see if someone has already done it (after
all, it IS a standard reference, and the JPL library might already have put
it on line as a pdf).

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>Original Poster: Ed Phillips <evp-at-pacbell-dot-net>
>">  The entire text is around 340 pages including the index. I had to
>copy (at
>> Kinko's) two pages of text per 11 x 17 sheet so I have around 170 pages.
>> made two copies. So what I am thinking is that while I do not have the
>> to make (sell?) copies for all who might want a copy, if there is anyone
>> there who would like to put this on their web page we might be able to
>> out a way to get a copy for all to download."
> Excellent idea!  By the way, most of what is in C74 is as valid and
>useful today as it was when George Southworth (who later did pioneering
>microwave work) put it together during WW1.....