Re: Second Light! Yahoo!

At 12:30 PM 09/20/1999 -0600, Tesla List wrote:
>Original Poster: Aric <acr-at-infinet-dot-com> 
>After a little tweaking of the coil I've been writing about here, I managed
>to put on quite a show with "Loki" (that's the coil's name :)

Good job!

>The only things I can think about now are pole pigs...

I hope you're prepared to re-work your spark gaps for a pig. I was reading
the 95-96' list archives where Ed Sonderman had just got a pig and was
having problems with the pig's current shorting out his (then) 7 gap static
gap. I was following the discussion between him and Richard Quick on
the gap and pig current limiting threads. I don't look forward to building
a rotating spark gap, not because it's all that difficult, but because it's
extremely involved and labor intensive. My present 11 gap static unit
will not cut it alone with a pig. Judging from what I've read in the above
mentioned archive threads, it appears a balance of inductive and resistive
ballasts will make the pig run smoother with less "kick" and a minimum
of delay with using inductive ballasts alone. 

I'd be interested in finding out if a satuable reactor would require additional
ballast for a pig, or if it could be used singly without using an arc welder. 

It appears going to a pig is a whole different ballgame altogether.