Re: Aluminum magnet wire?

Aluminum is barely an acceptable conductor at 60 Hz.  It's high frequency RF
properties are very poor.  You may get nearly the same output voltage
(potential) but your peak currents are going to be very very low.  A poor
choice for RF work.


Dr. Resonance

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>Hi Terry, all,
>> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
>> Hi Aric,
>>  I have seen magnet wire made every imaginable way.  However, I never
>> imagined it made from aluminum ;-)
>I was lucky enough to be given a pretty large reel of insulated Al
>wire. It seems reasonably durable and I have no reason to think it
>won't work fine in a TC secondary. I will most certainly wind one with
>it one of these days.
>BTW - I have an apology to make - I didn't do the coil expts I
>promised last weekend as I had a sick wife to attend to. However, all
>should be on for this weekend and I have a fellow coiler coming over
>to participate.