Re: Dual RSG idea: Holders for tungsten welding rod to discs


Good ol' Welding Rods!

On my web site is a clever but complicated way to hold tungsten welding rods 
into the disc, and maintain electrical connection on both sides.  It uses a 
two piece heat sink, made from 1.25" diameter aluminum, parted with fins on 
either end  to keep even cooler.

One end is "male", the other end "female", and they "screw together" 

Both ends of either are threaded for a TIG welding collet holder, and bored 
out for both 1/8" tungsten rod and (? I forget, roughly .135") for the TIG 
welding collet.

In this way, a half inch hole is drilled into the disc, and both pieces are 
screwed together and lock-tited into place.  The collets and collet holders 
are screwed into place, and a continuous piece of tungsten rod is placed 
into the hole, being held at each end by the collets.

This is a very elaborate way of doing things, but the final product looks 
really neat.  I've not yet finished mine, they take a little while to 
make......  But the finned heat sinks add a lot of character, and because of 
the space requirements for the tungsten collet assembles they work out well.

I can send Autocad drawings on request.

Keep us posted!
Jeff Behary

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