Re: Dual RSG idea WAS: Re: Twin coil idea

> John, Reindhard. Lou and all

I just acquired two disks, a lot of 1/8 inch tungsten welding rods and am
now looking for a suitable DC servo motor to use with a dual gap set-up.

How about two disks with a set of adjustable/stationary gaps for each disk.
I already have the controller that will control the speed and reverse the dc

I am open for ideas, however I can't work on this RSG until I finish the one
for the 28KVA system. The 28KVA disk is completed and is ready to mount on
the motor!!!

With my current schedule  I can probably start the dual disk system the
first of next year.

> Cliff Fahrer

> > > John,  do you think that a dual spark gap being driven with a single
> >>shaft
> > > would work?  Perhaps a method of adjusting the relationship of the
> >>two gaps would offset them the correct amount.
> > That would work, but there would still be firing time jitter due to
> > mechanical limitations.  In these kinds of twin coil designs no
> >mechanical
> > offset would be used.  The think the jitter in any case would be much
> > greater than one RF cycle, so there's no ability to phase the coils
> > mechanically, RF- wise.  Random phasing would have to be depended
> > on in these designs.
> I think that is a fantastic idea !! If we take this one step further and
> mount the two sets of stationary electrodes on two disks (for a
> grand total of 4 disks--- 2x running, 2x static). All four disks are
> mounted on a common (driven) shaft. However only the two
> disks containing the rotating electrodes are "clamped" to the shaft.
> The two stationary disks are mounted on ball bearings, so that they
> remain stationary when the motor is running. The two stationary
> disks get some sort of lever (maybe a threaded rod and a clamp
> nut, etc) which is attached to two control motors (DC). You can
> now control the phasing of both RSGs separately with the touch
> of a button. You could even add limit switches (4 needed) that
> would automatically reverse the DC motors, once you have reached
> the maximum phase change possible. That way you can "cycle"
> through the phase. With such a setup you should be able to get
> rid of all phasing problems and (as you can control both RSGs
> independently) be of help in adjusting twin coils for maximum
> spark length. This just might be what Lou is (was?) looking for.
> Coiler greets from Germany,
> Reinhard