Re: Cap Info

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: TeslaTec-at-webtv-dot-net (Tony R Greer)
> Hi All,
> I was wondering if anyone could supply any info on the following
> capacitor:
> -------------------------------
> Condenser Products Corp.
> EB 203-50MX-1
> .02 fd - 50,000 VDCW
> -------------------------------
> Physical description:
> 3 3/4" X 11" brown Phenolic tube with black epoxy end fill.
> 3/8" dia. axial stud terminals
> Weight ~ 6 pounds
> -------------------------------
> Any idea as to what the dielectric is? Any good for TC tank cap? .....
> Thanks in advance!
> Tony Greer


I happen to have a couple of caps almost exactly like that one.
They were made by Bycap Inc. Model# 6A403-104A, 0.1 uFd, 40 KVDC.
I used them in a coil about 12 years ago.  Worked great,
I did blow one of them from overvoltage.  I couldn't detect
any dielectric heating (from Mylar - but that doesn't mean that
there wasn't any, I just couldn't feel any).  I did keep the
run times down to a maximum of about 15-20 seconds at a time with
a short shut down period afterward (probably a minute or two).
The one you're looking at is probably a Mylar dielectric system
(used for HVDC applications).  If you can get them pretty cheap,
I personally wouldn't pass them up.  Just keep the run times down,
and keep the No. of pri turns upto 8 - 15 to keep the discharge
currents down.

As a side note, I am about to use it in another coil I'm working
on right now (should be done in about 3 weeks).  I'll let you know
if I can detect any heating or not.  The ones I have are 2-7/8" x
5" x 14" brown phenolic casing, white epoxy ends with 3/8" studs.

Dave McKinnon