Re: Grounding a TC

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> Original Poster: "Lau, Gary" <Gary.Lau-at-compaq-dot-com>
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> >Dear Sir,
> >Is it possible to connect the ground terminal of the secundairy coil to
> >the ground wire of the electrical 230 V of my home? It is not possible
> >to drive a stake into the ground because I am living on the second
> >floor.
> >
> >Peter.
> There is a great deal of controversy over this.  I know that Ed Wingate does
> what you suggest with enviable results.  It seems to me that there would be
> considerable inductance between a wall  plug's ground pin and the true earth
> ground and that a large voltage would be developed across this inductance by
> the secondary current.  How much this voltage diminishes the streamers is a
> matter of speculation.  However, it would also seem to me that a voltage
> developed across the building's ground wires would be extremely unhealthy
> (i.e. dangerous) for appliances plugged in elsewhere in the building.  Of
> course, this depends upon the power level of your coil, a very small one
> should have no problems at all.
> Regards, Gary Lau
> Waltham, MA USA


The "true earth ground" for my magnifier system via the electrical panel
ground is no more than 8 feet from my magnifier control panel and is a
pretty "straight shot" so, although I have never measured it, I suspect
there isn't a lot of stray inductance present. At least not enough to
matter, because, yes, I have tried dedicated earth grounds and not
noticed any difference.

When you were in the lab did you notice the stereo amplifier, CD player
and cassette deck that were still PLUGGED INTO the wall outlet while the
magnifier was running? They still work! In the house my computer is
always up and running when I am firing the magnifier or other coils and
I have never had so much as a hiccup! Ditto the television and VCR's.
The house electrical service is on the same pole transformer as the lab
electrical service and I have been running all sorts of coils in the lab
since 1991 with no ill effects yet. I do believe, however, that my heavy
use of EMI filters on all Tesla coil power supply feeds is the reason I
have not experienced any problems. I am not advocating tempting fate,
but it works for me!

Grounded in NY,

Ed Wingate