Current Node?

Hi All,
         while doing some primative measurements of Fres using a DMM and 
signal generator  It occured to me to rig up a current pick up and the 
results leave me a little confused.   My coil is 147cm wound length 32.5cm 
diameter wound with 0.6mm wire, for about 366mH.  I was driving it from the 
base with the 5Ohm output of an Advance 15-50000Hz signal generator at 
approx. 25V p-p.  I swept up and down the coil with my probe and found that 
there appeared to be a current node about 35cm from the base.  Could it be 
that the very large inductance of the output transformer of the sig. gen. 
means that I am actually seeing the second current node with the first being 
at the bottom of that transformer?

Pumpin' the kW (into his 30year old valve scope)
Nick Field