Re: Fast transients vs shocks


  I have noticed with 110V mechanical-interrupter/self induction coil driven 
Tesla Coils that sparks drawn off can be quite painful compared to regular 
spark gap driven coils.
  I believe this is from low frequency oscillations being superimposed in 
some technical way.

Old manufacturers made up some interesting terms for these currents, Bleadon 
Dun made Tesla Coils with condensers much higher .mfd rating than needed 
which gave lower frequencies and these faradic sensations.  They called the 
currents "Multifrex Currents", and claimed them to useful for "deep seated 
cases of Rheumatism".  They certainly will wake you up should you encounter 

Strong called these currents "Multi-Frequency", and made a special spark gap 
that could generate these discharges from a normal Tesla Coil.  He used 
these currents for treating various nervous conditions.

The spark gap is worth noting, attatched to either end of the secondary coil 
it consists of 3 parts:  From left to right:
(1) An adjustable round plate
(2) Ad stationary electrode, with a plate on one end and a ball on the other
(3) An adjustable ball electrode

This way the plates could form a condenser in series with the spark outputs. 
  With the plates touching, normal sparks passed between the balls.  When 
the balls were touching, effluves pass between the plates.  When both are 
separated, various multi-frequency currents occur.

That spark gap (used in the Ajax and Hercules Coils) is great for Tesla 

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