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> > I would suggest getting a 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower universal motor from one 
>  > the discount electronic places.  You can use a small variac to control 
>  > speed of these motors.  This is what I use on my system.  Sync or async, 
> you
>  > won't hurt that pig.  I have not seen evidence of higher powered systems 
> such
>  > as yours performing better with synchronous spark gaps.
>  Ed,
>  Thanks for the reply. My non-existant high power system is being planned 
>  That motor will help a lot.  What do you use for a cap in your system? I've
>  been
>  tossing the idea arround to try an MMC on this. If nothing else it's
>  cheaper then
>  a Maxwell and if I blow it up it's not such a big deal to replace. ;)
>  On the gaps, is there someplace that describes rotary breaks in more
>  detail? I've
>  never seen one in person, just pics online. I think I've got the main 
> of
>  the design figgured out, but some detailed info would be great.
>  Travis


I use two .025 mfd Condenser Products caps in parallel.  I would suggest you 
try the MMC approach, it sounds like several folks are having good success 
with them.  I don't know of any plans for building rotary gaps.  I just 
designed my own.

Ed Sonderman