Re: R-C-R restrictor, uh... filter

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> Now for the scary part - Risking a hundred plus pounds of NSTs, I removed
> the RCR filter and jumpered the wires that used to route through the filter.
> I stepped back and hit the dead man switch on the controller.  WOW!  A
> white-hot arc the diameter of a pencil attached itself between my corona
> point and the top of the ground rod!  It arched up from the heat and
> immediately reattached to the rod.  The sound and intensity of the arc made
> me take a step back - my coil was acting like an entirely different machine!
> It looked much more like a PT powered coil than NST coil.
> I managed to get a solid 66" arc point-to-point with the new configuration.
> Not only did I get another foot and a half of arc, the arc is entirely
> different in it's color, sound, and movement. >>


I've never used any filters, just safety gaps with my NST powered TC's,
I haven't had any reliability problems even when using resonant charging.
The NST's might have a shorter life in the long run.  The question is;
how long is the long run?

John Freau