RE: Vacuum discharges and Tesla Coils / Tesla light bulb patents


Yes, it is quite peculiar how something like radium can give such a 
beautiful color [uniquely beautiful]-- I mean, the same goes for cold 
cathode x-ray tubes / etc -- these colors are unique, and seeing things such 
as vacuum discharges / phosphorescence is like seeing a "new" color, or 
seeing color "for the first time".  The only way to describe it, poetic as 
it were.

And how dangerous to see these colors!

I have some neat pictures of Tesla's uni-polar x-ray tubes.  One was 
designed for the "Violet Ray" machines and I believe he made it specifically 
for them, as opposed to Tesla Coils in general, because of the metal cap 

The lighting patents were all interesting, from the high frequency 
self-regulating arc lamps (I LOVE carbon arcs!!) and the phosphorescent 
button patents, single electrode lamps, etc.  Look for his lectures, quite a 
few plates of those types of lamps are around.


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