Re: Fwd: NEON- X-RAY bombarder

Quite interesting, because I have had in the past custom tubes made, both 
neon tubing and an adapter automobile light bulb both for the production of 
x-rays.  The highly evacuated neon x-ray tubes were straight and short, 
perhaps 10" long.  When attatched to a static electric machine or Tesla 
Coil, the leaded glass phosphoresced bluish and little specs of  this and 
that in the tube [phosphors] phosphoresced intensly.

One tube had a phosphor in the middle, which lit VERY brightly when 
energised from static/tesla currents, and after disconnecting from power it 
remained lit for several minutes, glowing dimmer and dimmer.

If powered for too long, the tubes got VERY hot, and the vacuum was 
partially impaired, showing a fine white discharge inside.

By connecting the tube then to a high powered NST, striations formed in the 
tubes, and if a small condenser was placed in the circuit the striations 
moved around, which was intensely interesting!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks for the post, from all of us!

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