Lots of questions on RSG's

Hello Everyone!
Now that i"ve been coiling for nearly a year now, I guess it's time to step up
to an RSG and MMC outfit.  I have a friend machinist that is on standby, he
always love what I have for him to do!  The only thing is I have many
unanswered questions about an RSG, like:
1    If your looking for around 280-300 BPS, why would you need a syncronious
2    I've red where many people have different views on material to use for the
electrodes, would a high grade carbon work?
3    My machinist, Aaron, suggested running the RSG in a dielectric fluid, to
assist in quenching and cooling, any thoughts?
3    Are there formulas that are required in designing an RSG, # of electrodes
at a given rpm, etc?
4    Since I have many motors laying around, what is an ideal motor, RPM & HP,
for the job (NST only)?
5    Is designing an RSG with an air blast a plus?
6    Does anyone have any url's that have reference info, not just "here's my
rsg and it works really well"?
Because, at this poiont, I really don't think that cost is a varible, I would
really like suggestions on building a "bulletproof" unit.  I really only want
to build one of these.
BTW, two weeks ago, I gave on of my employees a stack of phone books and told
him to find me all the used NST's he could muster, After one evening shot with
two hours of drive time, we scored, from one outfit, 26 NST's varying
potentials for 50 bucks!  Needless to say after that we had a great little
party to celebrate!
Also, We have decided to have a very small Teslathon, actually were calling it
a TeslaFest, on October 30th.  Basically, we live in a very small town and we
want to display a series of coils for the publics enjoyment!  I'm hoping to
have the 'Fest outside in the early evening in front of my home, yes it's a
rural community!  Anyone interested in participating can email me personally. 
We're in a small town in Ohio, centrally located between Cleveland and