Re: Flyback Jack

to: Nathan

There are many different configurations for a flyback and it is for this
reason you really have only two good choices:

(1) Contact the manufacturer for a schematic, or (2) consult a large local
TV repair shop for the Howard S. Sams schematic of the TV receiver the
flyback came out of.  They are inexpensive and sometimes it's best just to
buy them new from MCM Electronics for a particular type of TV receiver ---
this way you can always get the schematic from a TV shop for the particular
receiver the flyback fits.


Dr. Resonance

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Subject: Flyback Jack

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>How is Everyone,
>I was hoping someone could explain how to identify the terminals on  a
>flyback.  The transformers I have found so far have all been encased in
>Is there some way  to unpot these? This  would not be necessary if I could
>identify the terminals properly.  Some power supply circuits I have seen
>less terminals than my transformer.  Could someone point me towards a good
>schematic for a flyback power supply.
>Thanks form Houston,