Re: X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils !!! where to get a geiger counter

Hello, I would not recommend anyone mess with x-ray producing items without
"real" ionizing radiation detection equipment. The CD "civil defense" items
you speak of, will be no good to the Tesla coil enthusiast who may be
producing 100 to 1000 mR/hr dose rates, as those Victoreen meters are made
to measure R/hr dose rates, of up to 0-500 R/hr on the high scale. I would
not want to be the  poor sap too have to use such a meter. They were for
Nuclear war type dose rates :-(

Stay clean,

David Trimmell

At 04:33 PM 9/10/99 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: Gavin Hubbard <ghub005-at-xtra.co.nz> 
>Hi Jim and list
>I wouldn't recommend running a pc in the same room as a powered up coil. It
>might be better to use a passive monitoring device such as a phosphorescent
>sheet or unexposed film (x-rays affect film in a manner similar to visible
>light). Of course, I would be very difficult to accurately calibrate these
>Perhaps the x-ray technicians here can suggest an off-the-shelf solution?
>Gavin Hubbard
>P.S. NOS Civil Defence geiger counters are usually available through EBay.
>Searching for "Geiger" gave me 70 matches.