Re: neons

At 12:25 9/09/99 -0600, Peter Murphy wrote:

>Hi All
>Ive  just aquired two neon sign xfrmers240v 15kv 30ma  im in aus and I imagine
>they would have similar units in the US they are italian made F.A.R.T. units
>they are a resin block design I was wondering if anyone has used these for 
>work because if they burn i dont see no way of repairing them.
>BTW wants to know where Mark Finnis gets them beautiful toroids made.
>Pete the TV repairman

I used 2 of the 15kV/60mA F.A.R.T. units for my first coil.  They have been 
in service for 18+ months and are still going strong.

I suspect you are correct.  When they die (not if), there will be no 
resurrection :-(

The RC filter arrangement I used seems to provide adequate protection, see 
about half-way down the following page:


As for the toroids, there is a Melbourne company:

         48 Koornang Rd
         Scoresby 3179 VIC
         Ph: (03) 9763 8066

They make metal donuts for exhaust manufacturers.  These have an outer seem 
weld you will need to grind-off, lack a center plate you will have to add 
and they are raw metal, so you have to do a little polishing 
................ but the end result ain't too bad ;-)

The mild steel variants are "off-the shelf" to 10" torus diameter (they 
only make symmetrical units, with center diameter = torus diameter, so = 
30" x 10"),  The aluminium units are up to 8".  The larger 10" aluminium 
unit I have was a custom job and wasn't cheap  =  $500AUS or $300US.  The 
mild steel type are much more affordable, the 8" unit was $80AUS.

Good to see another OZ coiler !!

There are a few hiding in the wood-work now ..... perhaps we should try to 
organise a meet ???