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At 12:24 9/09/99 -0600, Scot D wrote:

>try to use a disc about 9-11 " dia.   also go for 8 electrodes  ( the really
>big discs put too much strain on the outer perimeter when spinning ...
>possible break out and flying parts) as far as the tungsten....   any
>decient welding supply will have them   try for 1/8" or bigger in dia. (
>they are normally 7" long  think about purchasing 6 )   as far as "cutting"
>them  either you can grind them to length which is difficult at best or you
>can "snap" them in a vise... tungsten is very hard therefore BRITTLE   :)
>the drawback to snapping them is that you cant get really great control of
>the length of the break, sometimes they break inside the vise about 1/4 " in
>, other times they will break 1/2" to the outside of the vise ( most of the
>time they break inside) so ...  give yourself an extra 3/8" to play with

Like all of the controlled "snaps", it works a lot better if you score the 
rod first.  Use an angle grinder to make a notch in the rod, then snap it 
in a vise.

Oh, and by the way ....... WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES !!!!!!!

Once you have done this simply grind near flat, then place the rod in a 
drill press and surface against a grinding stone or wet-and-dry paper.  See:





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