RE: X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils !!!

Fr. Tom,

We are probably seeing gas glowing as it persists for a moment after the
power is cut. Can't tell if it has volume since the green glow is only
produced when running at higher powers where we need to stand back (I'll use
binoculars or a telescope on the next run). We'll hold off using the bulbs
till we get a chance to verify the absence (or presence) of x-rays via

Brian Basura

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Don't confuse glowing gases with glowing glass. The former
indicates the presence of a gas (argon/nitrogen, etc) and
the glowing gas has a VOLUME. On the other hand, if it is
just the inside surface of the glass that is glowing,
and there is no volume to the glow, (just a surface phenomenon),
then you probably have x-rays.

The presence of streamers inside the glass bulb *usually*
indicates the presence of gas. 

Fr. Tom

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> Subject: RE: X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils !!!
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> Ross Overstreet and I have observed both effects in the clear light bulbs
> are using.  They do produce streamers off the filamate and a green glow
> the glass (they seem to be mutually exclusive according to this thread). I
> guess the real test will be to obtain a Geiger Counter and see what's
> happening (Hey Ross got a Geiger Counter?).
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> If you can see corona coming off of the filament inside the
> bulb, then you have a bulb with gas. These are quite safe
> and produce no measureable x-rays.
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> It is easy to distinguish when a bulb has a high vacuum.
> When you attach them to a source of HV they fluoresce
> green, blue, or white along the walls of the tube. If you
> see corona inside the tube, then there is no fluoresence
> and no x-rays.
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