Re: Is time important

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<< > Hi all,
 >          Just a quick question I have a really big
 > (for the coil its on)
 > torroid made out of a old truck tire inner. When i
 > turn my coil on (see
 > specs below) nothing happens, instantly. If i left
 > it run for a while
 > would it eventually build up charge and shoot a
 > really big spark? Does
 > time have anything to do with it?
 > Would greatly appreciate any help.
 >        Thanx Paul >>


If the toroid is so large that the spark can barely break out, 
sometimes a degree of ionization has to build up in the air before
the spark can break out.  This can take a few seconds.  This was 
occuring in my recent test with the small 3" by 12" coil and the
3" by 10" smooth toroid.

John Freau