Re: Latest coil - update

At 12:27 PM 09/09/1999 -0600, Tesla List wrote:

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>But I am only getting 70" sparks now. Lost 10" of spark by doing these
>things. I wonder if it is worth losing that much spark length? I'm

70 inches? Not too shabby.

>I'm just going to make sure the camera is running when the secondary
>finally bites the dust. And maybe I'll learn something along the way
>and the next coil will be even better. Anyone around northwest Georgia
>have a big piece of pvc for sale? Say around 14" diameter.

Ching, ching. Can you say "expensive" ? You might look into sonotube,
the hard waxed cardboard forms used in construction for pouring concrete
columns. It's considerably cheaper.

"transition cone" - I love it. :)



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