Re: Near death from the smallest Tesla Coil I've ever built

'spose I gotta add my bid for pain experienced as well.
6750V 30ma through the chest. What I remeber most clearly was the robust
laughter of the metals shop teacher once he realized that I'd just
shocked myself  ;o!!  :p

-Grayson Dietrich
"The Electrophile"

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> Original Poster: "Jeff Corr" <corr-at-enid-dot-com> 
> On a side note - I've done the same thing with my bank of 15kv, 90ma
> neons.  Darn, don't you hate that?
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> Subject: Near death from the smallest Tesla Coil I've ever built
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> >
> >Bill,
> >
> >Ok, I've been building Tesla Coils for 5 years.
> >My latest coil runs from a 90kV X-ray transformer.
> >
> >Last night I acquired the smallest neon transformer I've ever come 
> across,
> >3kV 30mA.
> >
> >I was tired, in the garage all day (literally), plugged in the coil 
> (with
> >the power off) and decided to tighten up the transformer 
> connections a bit
> >more before throwing the switch.  Well, the switch on the 
> transformer was
> >faulty and after several seconds of firmly gripping and tightening 
> the
> input
> >power nuts, the switch failed and power kicking in:  I instantly 
> had 3kV
> >30mA shorted across my heart, coming from either hand, up my arms.  
> My body
> >was shaking in pain and fright for 20 minutes afterwards.
> >
> >That transformer, hardly the size of a grapefruit, nearly ended my 
> life!!!!
> >
> >And from such a foolish thing.  Don't mess with any connections 
> without
> >totally disabling the power, unplugging the coil, switching the 
> breaker,
> >etc.
> >
> >30mA at 100 volts can kill a person.  That transformer was rated at 
> 30
> times
> >more than that.  And that was about the smallest high voltage 
> transformer
> on
> >the market.
> >
> >Don't ever let yourselves get in too much of a hurry, or too tired 
> while
> >coiling.  It's not worth it.
> >
> >Jeff Behary

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