Re: Any welders out there?

Hi Brent,

>  Original Poster: Brent L Caldwell <stretchmonster-at-juno-dot-com> 
>  All coilers:
>     I have two questions.
>  1.  Could someone explain to me what a "flyback" transformer is and how
>  it differs from regular transformers and what it's good for that a
>  regular transformer isn't.

A flyback transformer always includes a gap in its core. It is 
designed to store energy in the core on one half cycle and release it 
to its various windings  on the other. You can view a flyback 
transformer as separate chokes sharing a common core. HOwever, 
the chokes are bound to each other by their turns ratios when it 
comes to calculating voltages across the various windings,
       A normal transformer ideally stores no energy in its core but in 
practice always stores some due to the magnetizing current.