Re: Welders act as resistive Balast ?

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> Hi All,
>      In preparation for ballasting my pole pig I have repaired my Brazing
>  transformer which I believe is similar to a welder.  Having shorted the
>  output terminals I get from 3-50mH inductance on the primary at various
>  current settings.  Testing it by itself (no Tesla coil) on the lowest
>  current setting I draw 10A at 200v input i.e 2KVA.  My Weston Watt meter
>  however registers 1800W.  My impression is such a transformer is 
>  as inductive ballast on the list, yet it consumes so much power.  I see no
>  need for additional resistive 2-3 Ohm load as often recommended.
>  regards
>  Viv Watts UK.

That transformer should work well as ballast for your pole pig.  I originally 
used a welder but encountered a 60hz resonance problem and changed to a large 
40 amp light dimmer (variac) for the primary ballast.  With both systems I 
still used an ohm or two of resistance in series with the ballast to get the 
control that I wanted.  You just have to try it and see how it works.

Ed Sonderman