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<< My previous toroid was aluminum ducting, 4" diameter, 16"
> center-to-center.  With this, coil tuned at about 7.2 turns and I got
> about 2' or a little of output.  No problems with downward strikes at
> all, and no racing sparks.  I just made and tried out a 6" diameter, 18"
> center-to-center toroid instead.  I tried retuning at 9 turns and got
> massive racing sparks.  I even raised the toroid about 3" more than the
> old one and still the same.  Where am I screwing up?
> -Stan >>


I've seen the same effect.  It seems that either a too large or too small
toroid can cause racing sparks.  You might try lowering the toroid all
the way, and raising the secondary some more, and verifying perfect
tune point.  I think the problem occurs when the sparks have trouble
breaking out of the toroid.  The voltage builds too high.  Try a breakout
point on the toroid.   For a 2' spark, that large toroid is kind of too large.
I generally use a ducting toroid of 4" by 17" for up to a 40" spark, a 5"
by 20" for up to a 48" spark, and a 6" by 26" for up to a 65" spark or

Your original toroid is about the maximum proper size for the spark length
you're getting.  If you want to use the larger toroid, you might have to
build a new larger secondary or loosen the coupling a lot.  It's also
possible that your gap is not quenching well.  The larger toroid will
make it much harder to quench.

I don't think you gave the specs of your system?  Hard to really give
a good answer without them, so my comments above cover a number
of situations.

Just some thoughts,
John Freau