Re: Electric bath? ... X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils

What would be a safe distance if any in a garage for clear incandescent 
bulbs, laser tubes, florescent tubes, hydrogen thyratron tubes?? Have held 
incandescence in hand with low output on coil and got slight corona from 5-6 
ft. . I'm not too much of a thrill seeker when it comes to interacting with 
streamers, so I keep my distance. NOW.  I once after seeing a friend with 
little reaction let our first sparks approx. 18" strike a 4' florescent tube 
in hand."MIKEY DIDN'T LIKE IT"... Have been using a laser tube at about 6-8' 
as a relative power estimator as it lights up at a certain distance, within 
an inch or less. where as a florescent tube varies a lot, may lite when 
touched, fluctuates etc. we were once sitting back with low power running 
thru a large vac. tube 5948A after having full power to it for short period 
(as not to lose vacuum) , Had been running low power for some minutes, when 
the hydrogen ignited in tube. This was very beautiful and maybe an x-ray 
bath. we had done some early on x-ray tests with x-ray film and a survey 
meter of just the coil without any tubes. Results were negative, with the 
exception of a film that we let get a small 3/8" lighting like spot where was 
hit, and slightly developed blur where film was touching outer turn of 
insulated primary)(before strike rail was incorporated). We have also 
experimented with sodium lamps, vanity bulbs with the metal (chrome top) that 
block the filament from view in normal application ect....ARE WE BATHING TOO