RSG Questions...

I am in the planning stage of building an RSG. If anyone has answers for
my questions they would be appreacated. My basic idea is for a 8-12"
disc with 4 electrodes. The rest is a bit in the air.

I'll be running on a pig power supply, aiming for 2-5 KVA. I would like
it to be able to handle the full 10 KVA of the pig though.

First, I see a lot of talk about sync RSGs for neon use. Does it matter
for pigs? Why/Why not? Seems that the neons overvolt quickly and burn up
on a non-sync RSG according to list posts. Is this a large concern for
the pig? I don't want to kill my pig. ;)

Where does one obtain motors for this? I see some large motors in the
hardware store for swamp coolers, will those work? They are probably not
sync, but may be modifiable.

If it's non sync, could I connect a varriac to it for speed control? My
thought here is that I could use the speed to help adjust the firing
timing. Which may be usefull in getting longer sparks. Seems like I read
about it someplace, I just can't remember where. ;)

Where can I get the tungsten electrodes and how do I cut the stuff or
get it cut? How do I get them to stay in place on the disc? I'm thinking
this will be the most expensive part, I want to make sure I do it right.