Re: Near death from the smallest Tesla Coil I've ever built

    You think that hurt try a 12Kv 30mA neon. That just tickles :) When
messing with my coil I 1. Turn my variac all the way down. (the wiper only
touches the very edge of a winding so there's about 10ÁV out) 2. I turn
everything off. that seems to work pretty well for me.

> Original Poster: "Jeff Behary" <jeff_behary-at-hotmail-dot-com>
> Bill,
> Ok, I've been building Tesla Coils for 5 years.
> My latest coil runs from a 90kV X-ray transformer.
> Last night I acquired the smallest neon transformer I've ever come across,
> 3kV 30mA.
> I was tired, in the garage all day (literally), plugged in the coil (with
> the power off) and decided to tighten up the transformer connections a bit
> more before throwing the switch.  Well, the switch on the transformer was
> faulty and after several seconds of firmly gripping and tightening the
> power nuts, the switch failed and power kicking in:  I instantly had 3kV
> 30mA shorted across my heart, coming from either hand, up my arms.  My
> was shaking in pain and fright for 20 minutes afterwards.
> That transformer, hardly the size of a grapefruit, nearly ended my
> Jeff Behary