Re: X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils !!!

Vacuum and HV = xrays

Modern bulbs over 25W are filled with argon or nitrogen, so no vacuum... If
you get a corona, there must be a gas, so no x-rays.

Key word below was "antique", i.e. vacuum inside the envelope.  In higher
wattage ratings, the tungsten evaporates off the filament and condenses on
the envelope. If you fill the bulb with a relatively inert gas, then the
tungsten doesn't evaporate as quickly.

I wouldn't worry about it for modern bulbs.

I don't know about the large decorative spherical bulbs, though.. They are
low wattage, so might be vacuum inside, and present a risk.  However, if you
see a corona, it isn't making xrays

>John, Jeff, Group...
>X-rays from a TC excited light bulb? I use a VTTC to light lightbulbs
>and/or create corona on the filaments all the time as I'm sure
>many of us with VTTCs do.
>> >Just wanted to relate that I have produced x-rays using an antique light
>> >bulb and a small 3-4" spark Tesla coil.  The radiation was strong enough