Re: First Coil

to: Gary

Capacitor size required --  .005 MFD.   Sec. length to be 4 1/2 times the
dia. of sec. coil.   Use #26 or #28 AWG wire on the sec.   Small toroid or
2-3" ball for sec terminal.

Use 24 turns scrap wire for primary until you can tune and determine correct
tap, then replace with #12 AWG wire.

Sparks 12-14 inches to be expected.


Dr. Resonance

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Subject: First Coil

>Original Poster: "Gary White" <wtdog-at-hotmail-dot-com>
>I am going to build my first tesla coil using a 9Kv 30Ma NST.  I want to
>a 3.5" secondary.  How long should it be, what size primary should I use,
>and how long will the streamers be using this size?  Any input would help.
>Gary White
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