Re: Any welders out there?

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> Original Poster: "Bill Noble" <william_b_noble-at-email.msn-dot-com>
> you don't get shocked with arc welding because the voltage is low - maybe
> 30V
> > 2.  Also, if there are any welders out there (i figured coilers are the
> > type who know how to do things like heli-arc weld) if they could explain
> > to me (off the list) why one doesn't normally get shocked by a heli-arc
> > welding system when they touch the metal that is grounded with the clamp.
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> > Brent
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arc welders ( stick) operate between 20 - 45 volts ( depending upon AC 60 hz or
DC pulsed mode) as far as heli-arc, mig/tig gas shielded , the voltages there
are higher ( in the 100V range ) but... it is a high frequency voltage and
since its hi freq. your system doesnt "feel" the pulsing therefore you think
you arent getting shocked...  but you are still having curent and voltage going
thru you..... if you are playing with such a welding machine be careful and be
sure not to ground yourself directly to the neg. lead or table etc that is
directly grounded to the grnd lead.  it can bite you pretty hard...

Scot D