Tesla: Electric Or Not?


Greg Murray- (waltmurray-at-msn-dot-com)

                              (Terry- Sorry If this is a tad off topic)
Hi, All

	I was in the Museum today, having lunch with a few of the educators
when one guy remarked that he chooses NOT to demonstrate the Tesla
coils (o talk about Tesla at all) during his lightning show because he 
claims that the coils do not have enough to do with electricity. I almost
fell out of my chair. A Tesla coil is, after all, an air-cored resonance 
transformer. I realize that Tesla coils produce radio waves, but so do 
all high voltage electrical discharges. Lightning, for example creates 
radio waves at eight cycles per second (Schuman Resonance), but
the actual 'lightning bolts' are electricity none the less. I would love to 
hear your opinions on this matter.

         Greg Murray (waltmurray-at-msn-dot-com)
                          -Museum of Science, Boston 

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