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<< These motors reach easily a surprisingly high speed It is not the force
 of electrons "jumping off" the points that make the motor run (too small
 mass), but the repulsion of air ions created by the intense electric
 at the points.
 Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz >>
Hi Antonio,

I assume the air ions are negative ions.
I am about to prove how dangerous a little learning can be. The mass of the 
is, as you write, very small. Mass e  around 10 e -30 kg. But Newton's 2nd 
law must apply
in ion propulsion so I am wondering how, and  where is the 3rd law force-the
reactive or opposite force?

And Terry, this will surely test your new-found liberalism in accepting 
off-the subject
postings to the tc list. 

Giga :-)).......
Ralph Zekelman

<Pinwheels falls under "uses" for Tesla coils and is ok ;-) - T.>