Re: Any welders out there?

<stretchmonster-at-juno-dot-com> wrote:
>2.  Also, if there are any welders out there (i figured coilers are the 
>type who know how to do things like heli-arc weld) if they could explain to 
>me (off the list) why one doesn't normally get shocked by a heli-arc 
>welding system when they touch the metal that is grounded with the clamp.

Simple.  The work is grounded.  You are gounded.  No problem.

The high freq arc stabilizing voltage exists betwee the welding tungsten and 
the work.  Thats how the arc is started (usually).  This HF is typically 
100-300 KHz, 7000 volts or so.

Interestingly - most tig welders use essentially a tesla coil spark gap 
circuit to create this effect.

If you try it both with and w/o argon you will find that the argon allows 
the arc stabilizing action to be about x4 what you get w/o it.


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