Re: NST CAN power jacob's ladder

Jan --

	I built a successful jacob's ladder this summer, using NST's.  I had two
NST's that had one end burned out, and used the good ends, I had them
wired 180 degrees out of phase.  That shouldnt make any difference,
thought.  I've seen many that worked fine on a single, fully functioning
NST.  The output on the NST was 30 mA.

	I imagine that your problem is that the wires are too far apart,
although I haven't seen your setup.  You may have seen (loke I did) some
high power ladders, whose prongs were 1/4 inch (I assume you're in
America) apart at the base, and 4 inch apart at the top, with prongs only
12 inch long each.  I never could get my NST's to power anything like
this.  My prongs are about 18 inches long each, with a 1/8 inch
separation at the bottom, and 3/4 inch separation at the top.

	Finally, I discovered by accident, that many low power ladders, such as
ours, need time for the prongs to warm up.  My ladder require 15 to 30
seconds before the first "climb".  The next "climb" comes about 10 to 15
seconds after that.  Only after 90 seconds or so of operation do the
"climbs" regularly go to the top.  

							Safe wiring

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