Re: NST can't power Jacobs ladder!?

>Original Poster: Jan Florian Wagner <jwagner-at-cc.hut.fi>
>Am I missing something here, or is it really that NSTs can't power a
>Jacobs ladder? Both of my 8kv 50ma NSTs rated 400VA did light an array of
>neon tubes really bright as I tested them. Couldn't measure any
>internal shorts and no "burn throughs" (at least not below 2000 MOhm)
>in either NST - they seem perfectly ok !?
>But the Jacobs ladder simply doesn't want to work. Just a dim, blueish
>arc, that stays where it started (~4mm). Electrodes are perfectly clean.
>NST centertap is grounded. The ladder did work nicely with a tiny TV
>I thought that at 50ma you should at least get some sort of small flame?
>Any ideas?

With a 12KV 60Ma NST I have a small (1'tall) Jacobs Ladder running here in 
my apartment. I believe your's should work also. Here are some tips.

If you get nothing but a buzzing sound and no spark at all bring your lower 
leads (the start gap) closer together.

If you get a tiny spark that refuses to climb, then your start-gap is too 
small. Widen the lower end of the leads.

The rest is trial and error. Good luck.

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