Re: Blumlein line?

Hi Antonio,

> Original Poster: "Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz" <acmq-at-compuland-dot-com.br> 
> Hi:
> I remember seing mentions on this list to "Blumlein lines".
> Can someone point me a reference about this, or describe what
> is?

Some background: Blumlein was a British (or Scottish?) electrical 
engineer around the turn of the century. Among other things he 
invented a device called the Blumlein Switch which was featured as 
an integral part of a DIY homebuilt UV pulsed laser which featured a 
couple of decades ago in the Amateur Scientist section of Sci Am.
In essence, the switch exploits wave phenomena to cause a 
propagating discharge between two strips of metal, the wavefront 
moving at near light speed. I am guessing that the Blumlein effect 
mentioned by Dr Res. is essentially a wave/transmission line 
phenomenon dealing with a step function presented to an 
unmatched TX line.