Ionic propulsion/ pinwheel toroid

Hi all,
    I have finished my first coil and wanted to try some different things with
it.  Since I am in physics this semester I thought it would be interesting to
build a pinwheel for the top of my coil to experiment with ionic propulsion.  I
built an aluminum pinwheel similar to the one in Brent Turner's photo gallery. 
It pivots on an inverted nail-shaped aluminum point.  I don't Know exactly how
much force the electrons jumping off my pinwheel have(I imagine not a lot) and
I think the friction of my pivot point might be conteracting their force.  Has
any one experimented with their coils in this way?  I could definately use some
help.  My coil is a prototype, so it is pretty small.  It has a 2in.(nominal)
pvc secondary.. it puts out a 11in spark off a point discharge.  
Thanks for your help,