Oklahoma Teslathon?


  With great consideration, I have though about a Teslathon in Newcastle 
Oklahoma. Not knowing a lot of coilers in this area, I need a list of coilers 
who might be interested in coming to contact me "off list".  Newcastle is 
about 20 miles south west of Oklahoma City.

  What's here?  Were on a 5 acre lot with a large shop to converse, fire 
coils, compare photos, etc.  If it's coiling, it's here.   One large coil 
(10kW) and smaller coils to fire and experiment with.  

  I'll have more details as I find out who's interested in coming.  The date 
planed would be Sept. 25, 1999, on Saturday.

Kevin Eldredge
2204 Timber Ridge
Newcastle, OK 73065
Oklahoma Tesla Coil Builders