Re: Trip

I live in Hudson NH, across the river from Nashua in the southern part of the
state.  I would be glad to meet you and discuss coiling.  At the moment my
is down with dead transformers, although I may have it working again by then.

The Boston Museum of Science has Mr. Van DeGraph's original generator which
operate and display.  It is supposed to generate ~1MV.  I have seen it and
it is
impressive.  They have more recently acquired a large tesla coil.  I have not
been to see it and do not know the details.  Maybe some on the list
provided it
and knows more about it.

        Tony Lekas

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com
> Fellow coilers.  I plan to be in Connecticut, Mass., N.H. and Vermont the
> first two weeks of October.  Any coilers located in the vicinity that
maybe I
> could visit?  Or any suggestions of display coils that I should go see?
> Ed Sonderman