Streamer growth and filming it all (was Re: Corona and Sphere - Puzzle -addition)

Hi Jim, Antonio, all,

> Original Poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux-at-jpl.nasa.gov>
> So who's got the million frame per second camera to take a look at
>this stuff...  Maybe even a streak camera would do?

I have been wanting to ask about this, but kept forgetting. Does
any one have access to a high speed camera? It would be very
interesting to see how streamers actually grow. I personally
have seen HSCs that can take about to 500,000 pictures per
second (a real mechanical engineering feat, just thinking about the
power that is necessary to spool the film through this fast. A F1
race car is nothing in comparison). The problem is the attached
price tag of such a camera is just about as high as the frame rate
and I doubt we coilers could afford this, but maybe someone out
there has connections to the film industry and could them into 
taking some pictures of this. As the camera are mechanical, there
should be no danger for such an expensive piece of equipment. I
REALLY would be interested in seeing such pictures.

Coiler greets from Germany,