Re: Variable Coil Tuning

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<< And then the top will
> breakout.  Since one needs pretty good spacing between the terminals, you
> really appear to need two good terminals to prevent unwanted streamer
> breakout as this shows.
>  Cheers,
>   Terry >>

Hi Terry,

It may work well to use a small sphere for the bottom unit, and a
regular toroid for the top.  THe small sphere has such a large ROC
that it should prevent all breakout from the lower areas.  What might
even be better is a thick (large ROC) but small toroid at the bottom.
I had good results with the sphere in my "capability of small thin-wire
secondaries" experiments.  

The thick toroid would be better than the sphere from a practical
standpoint due to its flat top and bottom.

I agree that a good quality, large ROC topload is needed for the
bottom unit in any case.

John Freau